#FirstToThird | how to impact global social issues through art

With the holidays approaching, Christmas festivities were far from my mind last December as I scrambled to finish putting together the last pieces of my art show, which happened on a Wednesday night (Dec. 10, 2014) at the Rose in downtown Jackson Hole. Everything came together just as expected, probably better, and my boyfriend even flew in from New York two hours before the show began (Surprise!) Thank you a million times over to everyone who came out on that Wednesday to check out my art and if you happened to miss it, here is the show in blog form.

I definitely have to thank the following people first: Sarah Averill for capturing these amazing moments all night long, the Jackson Hole News & Guide for an awesome write-up, the JH Weekly featuring one of my watercolors on their cover for the week, Cassandra Skipitis for curating this show for me, and Children’s Cup, The Bar Saves Lives, A21 Campaign, 31 Bits, and World Bicycle Relief for working with me and providing imagery to paint from.


A year before graduating high school, I went on a mission trip to Panama with teen girls from all over the USA and came back the states with a new world-view; People with so little were so grateful, while people in the US seemed to be taking so much for granted. Now exactly 10 years later, although the world is closer than ever with the use of social media, we remain divided. This series is an intense contrast of first and third world nations by analyzing the differences between the two through watercolors. In addition it displays companies that are making an impact for five dramatic topics happening today: Poverty, Malnutrition, Sex Trafficking, Economic Instability, and Unavailable Education. The goal is to bring awareness to certain issues and promote simple ways to become a more socially-conscious citizen through every day life.


TITLE: #swag #idol #money
PRICE: $195 | sold
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: Each hashtag in this title, representing material goods and
celebrities, is used over 1 million times on both Instagram and
Twitter. In the first world, mainstream celebrities, singers, and TV
stars have become the people looked up to. Usually, they show us that
less clothing and more money is the best way to live, because YOLO,
right? Instead of striving to be like a trending celeb, you can be
that positive role model for others.

TITLE: #givehope
COMPANY: Children's Cup | @ChildrensCup | Solution to Poverty
PRICE: $195 | sold
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: One of the most amazing feelings and best gifts you can give
someone is being someone they can look up to, and Children's Cup
allows you to be this through their sponsorship program. By sponsoring
a child, this company is able to take a comprehensive approach to
battling the cycle of poverty in developing nations. To do this they
set up Care Points where children can get hope, care, food,
medication, education, and the love of Jesus Christ. On the daily,
Children's cup works to give hope, inspire dreams, and change the


TITLE: #partyhard #bored #beerpong
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: Each hashtag in this title, representing the majority of first
world college students, is used over 1 million times on both Instagram
and Twitter. It's no secret that getting drunk has become the standard
during the college years, even though, simultaneously, thousands of
dollars are being thrown into this "education." It's easy to forget
that learning is a privilege not everyone is able or allowed to enjoy.

TITLE: #powerofbicycles
COMPANY: World Bicycle Relief | @WorldBicycleRelief | Solution to
Unavailable Education
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: In some countries, getting from point A to B isn't as simple as
jumping into a comfortable vehicle. Distance is often a barrier to
education for youngsters who's legs aren't able to walk them miles to
and from school each day. World Bicycle Relief mobilizes these kids
through sustainable study-to-own-a-bike programs, thus increasing
academic attendance and performance. The best part, you can donate
towards a bike that will mobilize these kids!


TITLE: #selfie #hot #nofilter
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: Each hashtag in this title, representing the first world's
obsession with themselves, is used over 1 million times on both
Twitter and Instagram. And #selfie takes the cake above all other
hashtags, ringing in at 200 million times used. Taking selfies
(usually to get "likes") clearly shows the tremendous growth happening
throughout the world with narcissism and personal insecurity. This
image reminds us to look beyond ourselves, and put others in focus for
a change.

TITLE: #notforsale
COMPANY: A21 Campaign | @theA21campaign | Solution to Human Trafficking
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world,
with someone becoming a victim every 30 seconds, at the average age of
12, who is usually put into forced labor and/or the sex trade. A21
Campaign provides Prevention (awareness and education), Protection
(restoration programs), Prosecution (Prosecuting Human Traffickers),
and Partnership (with you and others). Through the 4P model and your
help, A21 plans to see this modern day slavery end during our


TITLE: #obsessed #shopaholic #sorrynotsorry
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: Each hashtag in this title, representing the first world's
obsession with "stuff," is used over 1 million times on both Instagram
and Twitter. Each day, and especially during the Christmas season, we
often get extremely focused on more things we want and "need,"
thinking this is the way to be happy, instead of being grateful for
the blessings we already have. If you really need things, remember
there are options that help people, are good for the environment, and
serve a purpose bigger than ourselves.

TITLE: #fashionforgood
COMPANY: 31 Bits | @31bits | Solution to Economic Struggles
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: Although economic insecurity can be noticed here in the US, it
is a huge issue abroad as well, even though the third world has just
as many amazing skills and talents as every one else. 31 Bits
showcases the talents of Ugandan jewelry makers by providing a selling
platform for their goods. 31 stands for Proverbs 31, describing a
diligent woman who provides and cares for her family. Through the
sales, Ugandan women are able to rise above poverty and be this
Proverbs 31 woman for their families.


TITLE: #foodlover #diet #dontcare
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: Each hashtag in this title, representing the first world's
obsession with food, is used over 1 million times on both Instagram
and Twitter. It doesn't stop with photos of food, eating until it
hurts, throwing away half your meal, but continues with bragging about
fad #diets, caused by this abundance of food. This image is a reminder
to appreciate every bite of food we have and eliminate wasting food we
are blessed to have.

TITLE: #weeattogether
COMPANY: This Bar Saves Lives | @ThisBar | Solution to Malnutrition
PRICE: $195
MEDIUM: watercolor & ink
ABOUT: This Bar puts first world cravings in a good place. By buying a
bar, a nutritional life-saving packet of food is given to a
malnourished child in the world where a solution to hunger is needed
most at the moment. Each year 2.6 million children die of acute
malnutrition (1 every 12 seconds), but this tragedy is preventable. By
supporting 'This Bar,' you can feel good about what you eat.